You’re staring at a blank page, text book in hand and not knowing where to start your new lesson with your child or learner. It’s pretty tempting to just dive in and start reading hoping that some of the information conveyed with stick. We all know this is wishful thinking. Teaching is alot more than conveying information, and keeping young learners engaged, or even just getting their attention to start off with is one of the biggest challenges teachers face.

What we do know is that both children and adults alike learn way more when they pay attention, and they pay more attention to something they’re interested in. So how do we generate enough interest to grab their attention?

Jameela Ho, founder of, author, teacher and blogger on the subject of teaching and parenting provides a concise guide to teaching techniques for grabbing your learners’ attention and keeping them engaged enough to make the lessons stick.

She also provides strategies for maintaining focus and momentum through lessons as well as tools and tips for achieving your learning objectives.

This report is both for teachers who want to improve their students’ learning and for parents who help their child with homework or homeschool their child. It contains teaching techniques to help you gain your child’s attention to the learning and to keep it focused there.

The main problem that teachers are concerned with is gaining and maintaining children’s attention. Without attention, children won’t learn. If you want your child to learn then you’ll need to get your child’s attention and then have him focus.

This report contains all the strategies in one place. It follows the teaching loop, the teaching sequence that is the best way to teach children. You will learn more about these strategies and teaching loop in here.

You can download the free ‘Teaching Techniques Summary’ to keep handy so you can you put into action everything you’ll read here today at

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