Part of our mission is to curate and present an organized collection of resources that can empower you on your journey towards transformational education experiences for yourself and your children or students.

Below are a selection of the types of resources currently available.

Misk Education Framework

A holistic and comprehensive framework built on Islamic Principles.

Primers & Guides

Foundational guides on a wide range of subjects like education methodology, learning styles, behavioral psychology, early childhood development and many others important areas of knowledge for parents and educators.

Courses for Parents

A selection of courses to help parents more deeply understand the various methods and approaches to enhanced educational experiences and learn to practically implement these within their own context.

Curriculum Resources

A list of curriculums and curriculum components currently available with reviews and advice on how to make use of these.

Homeschooling Resources

Resources related to homeschooling including websites covering a many areas of homeschool development.

Islamic Educational Resources

A selection of Islamic Educational Resources for kids covering many different subjects and in various media forms like books, videos, kits, website, applications etc.

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