Mindfulness has been a concept widely discussed in a wide variety of circles these days because increasingly our modern lifestyles are overwhelming us with inputs and decisions from excessive consumption and exposure to digital media, mobile phones, notifications, constant advertising and many other sources.

For young children is it not different. They are exposed to media and digital products way more than they should be and often they are spending the majority of times in environments where they don’t get the opportunity to develop their self awareness skills and learn to control their feelings and emotions. School environments are also heavily controlled, while simultaneously children are exposed to an ongoing stream of emotional and psychological challenges which maybe either cause them to withdraw internally or outbursts of excessive emotional expression often misunderstood by parents and educators alike.

It is in this situation that our children are more in need of knowledge and skills to understand themselves and their interaction with others and their environments.

While mindfulness is commonly promoted as a Buddhist practice, or something linked to other forms of meditation, the core ideas of self awareness and control, God consciousness, reflection and contemplation and taking ones self to account are central islamic practices which go beyond these other forms of meditation because of us relating these directly to Allah and putting each components of this behavior into it’s correct context with regards to us being slaves and creations of Allah.

The MiniMindfulMuslims project has produced a charming series of flashcards that aim to provide Muslim children with Islamically inspired mindfulness reflections which can help them gain a deeper sense of appreciation for the blessings they have, to relax and focus in every situation the find themselves in, to be self aware while conscious of Allah, and generally to gain mastery over their thoughts, feelings and reactions through the correct Islamic mindset.


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