Nurturing the Child’s Natural Interest

Whether you are a parent or teacher, this course will give you a deep insight into child development and the Montessori method for teaching your children within an Islamic context.

Course Content

The sessions will include Montessori theory and philosophy with connections to Islamic principles covering:

    • Why is education so important to us as muslims?
    • What is Montessori?
    • Who was Maria Montessori?
    • Why is the Montessori method suitable for Islamic education?
    • Planes of Development
    • An overview of the first plane of development 0-6 years
    • An overview of the second plane of development 6-12 years
    • Absorbent Mind & Mathematical Mind
    • Sensitive periods for 0-6 & 6-12 years
    • The Montessori Triangle
    • The horme
    • The nebulae
    • Setting up a Montessori environment
    • Encouraging concentration
    • The process of normalisation

Sessions will be held in English only, but translations into other languages will be available at a later date.

Course Outline Summary

  • Introduction : About this course.
  • Part one: An Introduction to the Montessori Method
  • Part two: A look at the planes of development and a more details look at the child from
  • Part three: A deeper look at the second and third plane of development
  • Part four: Internal Mechanisms for Human Development

About the Instructor

MACTE Qualified Montessori Teacher and Certified Trainer from the UK with over 15 years of Montessori experience. Certified in both Early years (0-6yrs) and Elementary (6-12 yrs).

Nusaibah runs an Islamic Montessori school in Malaysia which caters for children aged 3 years – 20 years. Nusaibah specialises in developing holistic curriculums, outstanding learning environments and engaging materials. She possess thorough knowledge of the Montessori philosophy for both the early childhood (0-6yrs) and elementary (6-12yrs) stages, as well as extensive experience working in a variety of Montessori schools in the UK and abroad. As a Montessori trainer, Nusaibah now focuses on providing a variety of authentic Montessori training courses and consultancy for Montessori schools and home-educators.

You can see more about Nusaibah and her work on FB @thelearningark @rumimontessori and IG @rumi_montessori.

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