The Introduction to Homeschooling course by Sheikh Ismail Kamdar unpacks “All the research you need on homeschooling in one place.”

This course provides an organized introduction to the major factors of consideration when deciding to adopt homeschooling as an option. Shaykh Ismail unpacks the things to prepare for, reasons why to consider homeschooling, decision making criteria, budgetary issues and other areas of consideration.

Shaykh Ismail Kamdar is the founder of the Islamic Self Help learning Academy, Faculty Manager of the Islamic Online University, author of multiple eBooks, a Radio Presenter, Freelance Content Creator, and homeschooling father of four.

Class Curriculum

5 Reasons to consider homeschooling
  • Reason #1: Quality Control
  • Reason #2: Quality Time
  • Reason #3: An Outdated System?
  • Reason #4: A Flawed System
  • Reason #5: An Overrated Advantage
  • More reasons to consider homeschooling
Tips And Advice For Getting Started
  • Budgeting For Homeschooling
  •  Talking To Your Kids
  • Child-Led Learning
  • Family Field Trips
  • Dealing With Burnout
Introduction to Homeschooling


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